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"Wonderland Preschool. They are extremely loving with all of the kids in their home and have referred four of my friends that have enrolled their children in their care also. I love them dearly ​​and they are now a part of my children’s extended family. I also choose their facility because it ​​​was so clean and organized. When I first choose Mama Jackie and Paul I felt a little weird about ​​having my babies call someone else Mama. After seeing how much of a mother Mama Jackie is to ​​all children, including mine, she proved that she more than earned that title !!!​

Jackie is caring, loving, attentive, genuinely concerned, and a Mama to all her kids. Paul also is a wonderful, caring, concerned, teacher and role model for all their kids. Paul and Jackie are so loving with all of their day care kids and their own children."

Brandy Rapp

"I have known Wonderland Preschool for 4 years now and have nothing but the upmost respect for them. They are wonderful, good hearted people. They have cared for my youngest son since he was a year old and treat him and all the other kids at their preschool like family. Their pace is a happy, active, and comfortable place to be. All the children look forward to and love being there. I trust them with the care and nurturing of my child and think nothing of it because they are family to him.

They have helped raise my youngest son and have done a fantastic job."


Andrea E. Packham

"I first met Paul and Jaqui in our initial foster care classes we took to get licensed and have known them now for about a year and half. They are very devoted and passionate about children. They were also the preschool teachers that I chose for my niece and we were very happy with their program and how my niece learned.

Delena Gamez

Jackie and Paul have created not just a fantastic Preschool Program but also a daycare and atmosphere that promote individual attention and affection as well as a total sense of security.  The happiness and genuine affection the family gives our daughter is a sign the relationship that they share with all the daycare children.

Roberto Garfio

My husband and I are able to relate to the situation since our daughter came into our lives after failed alternatives attempts at having a family on our own. We found Jackie and Paul when I had to return to work after Alyssa’s first year and they exceeded our expectations of the feelings of family, security and preschool education that are important to us. We see and feel that our daughter is totally safe and love with Jackie and Paul."

Shelia Garfio

"My son, Raphael Gutierrez is enrolled at Paul & Jacquie’s Wonderland Preschool in West Sacramento and has been for almost three years and I’m extremely happy and thankful with the care they have provided.


They have welcomed Raphael into their family and I cannot express how much I appreciate the
love they give him. Raphael has health issues and Paul & Jacquie have always been so helpful and careful with ensuring that his needs are met."

Tracy Redifer

"Wonderland Preschool We feel so lucky to have found Wonderland Preschool. For the past 5 years they have provided our 2 children with a fun, learning and loving environment. Wonderland Preschool did an excellent job preparing our now kindergartner for full day school. The curriculum gave him a great head start and made the adjustment to all day school easy. Thank you!"

Kind Regards,

Kellie Hoerniein

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